Dehydrated  White Onion

Dehydrated  White Onion

We are involved in dehydration of White, Red, Pink types onion because our manufacturing unit established in the area where huge quantity of these type of quality onion cultivated and processed In our well equipped dehydration unit where dehydrated onion procured from fresh onion. In our dehydration process, fresh onion passes from many steps and testing & sorting then we store in particular temperature. So that material property remains same and maintains shelf life. Here we offer you our best quality dehydrated onions in various forms like Flakes, Chopped, Minced, Powder, Granules.


Fast food, snack foods, food service packs, stuffing mixes, pickled products, meat products, sea food products, recipes, canned foods, salad dressing, dips, bottle packs, seasoning, bakery topping, gourmet sauces, seasoning and in many other as ingredients.

Dehydrated Onion Kibbled

Dehydrated  White Onion

Dehydrated white onion flakes are first procured in dehydration process. All other forms are prepared from flakes including roasted & fried so it''s very important to produce good quality flakes to produce all forms. Flakes is available in 5mm to 25mm size

Dehydrated Onion Chopped

Dehydrated  White Onion

As it''s chopped which has standard size that is 3mm to 5mm

Dehydrated Onion Minced

Dehydrated  White Onion

Minced which is use for various food recipes and avail in 1mm to 3mm size

Dehydrated Onion Granules

Dehydrated  White Onion

Granules is smallest in size 0.5 mm to 1 mm

Dehydrated Onion Powder

Dehydrated  White Onion

Our onion powder is high quality material. It''s free flow in 100 mesh

Packing we offer

Our dehydrated onions & garlic products are available in following packing.

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