Raisins are basically dried grapes available in various forms depending upon the type of grapes used. Shreeji Protein offer extensive range of raisins. That is widely using in various applications and food recipes.

The processed raisins are prepared from clean, sound, dried grapes are properly stemmed and cap-stemmed; are sorted and cleaned and washed in water to assure a wholesome product.

We are an prominent exporter of various kind of Raisin such as Malayar, Sultana, Golden, Yellow, Green, Black & etc.


Sultana Raisin


Black Raisin


Golden Raisin

Raisins   Raisins   Raisins

Malayar Raisin


Yellow Raisin


Green Raisin


Raisins   Raisins   Raisins

We use superior quality packaging material, which help us in retaining the freshness and rich aroma and prevent products from moisture and humility during long transit.

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